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Meet  Kate 


     Hey, friend! I'm Kate, and I'm a filmmaker specializing in weddings based in sunny Southwest Florida. I recently lived in Dallas, Texas for seven years, and just moved back here in 2019. I love cats, red velvet cake, the TV show "This Is Us", and my savior, Jesus most of all! He is where I find my identity. 

     Seeing the world I live in through the lens of my camera has been something that's always made sense. One of my favorite aspects about wedding highlight films is capturing the moments you forgot happened. I'm so passionate about the thrill of getting just seconds to capture a moment that otherwise would have been forgotten, and creating a piece of art that will be cherished by the families for the rest of their lives. And to say I got to make that happen, is the biggest reward.

    You see, there's such a wide range of wedding videographers who have been taught how to be a filmmaker simply because they thought it was cool. So why should you hire me? My answer is- I was born a filmmaker. My business used to be called "Moonlight Films," but I changed it to my name, because I wanted my brides to know that they are hiring a person, not a company. 

     I would love to film your event and tell your story. My goal as your filmmaker is to capture EVERYTHING from your day in its best light. In other words, my job is to make your wedding day look even BETTER on film while still being an honest storyteller. Let's get you booked, girl!

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Meet  Kate 

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