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Filmmakers vs Videographers

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Hey, you! Did you know that there is a HUGE difference between a videographer and a filmmaker? Probably not, but there is. Videographers press record for a living, while filmmakers tell stories. Videographers are taught to make films simply because they thought it was cool, but for me, I was born a filmmaker. If you have never considered hiring a wedding filmmaker for your big day, let me tell you that it is one of the best investments that future-you will be glad you made.

The quality of the napkins and cake lasts only one night.. but the film? A lifetime.

I asked a few brides months after they got married, "Was your wedding day just how you envisioned it?" The most common answer I got was, "Perfect, but it was a blur." But at least they had someone taking pictures, right? ...Right? Every bride deserves to have their special day documented with more than just photos. Wedding filmmakers are there to not only capture the big events of the day like the bride walking down the aisle, but also capturing the giggles, the guests, grandma in the front row wiping her tears, her bridesmaids walking before her, her groom throughout the day..aka, the things the bride never sees. Even the little things help tell a story.

Imagine having the chance to watch your grandmother and grandfather's weddingvideo and how happy you would be that they have this treasure for you to see now. That could be you! Just one investment leads to years and years of smiles. Every couple's love story is a special one. I would love to help tell your story on that day.

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