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7 Reasons to Prioritize a Filmmaker When Budgeting

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

1. It's an investment that lasts.

Your wedding film is one of the onlyinvestments from your wedding that you can take with you

after it's all over. So much time, thought, and money goes into the day, let's be real.

Before you know it, it's over & you will want to relive it all. Because duh! It's YOUR DAY! :)

2. It's a gift for generations, too.

It's not just a treasure for you & your handsome hubby. You can sit down with your kids and grandkids one day & watch the entire day in 10 minutes.

Imagine this: Getting to see your grandparents get married in high quality, hear their voices, & see them so young. You have the opportunity to give that gift to generations, too. So do it!

3. You deserve it.

Every (and I mean every) couple deserves to have their wedding documented with more than just still photos. If you think a photographer is enough, it's not...

What about grandpa's prayer before the meal?

What about the audio of your husband choking up reading his vows?

What about your best friend's MOH speech?

What about dad wiping his tears as he sees his baby in her dress for the first time?

4. You miss so many precious sights.

It's no secret that the bride doesn't get to see her girls walk out before her, or her husband getting ready throughout the day, or guest's reactions during the ceremony, or even the small details she put so much time and thought into.Wedding filmmakers get EVERY STINKIN' ANGLE.

So when you watch your film, half of it you never even got to see, it's such a gift.

5. No one talks about the napkins in 20 years

Haha it's true! And you know it. If you are on a budget & don't have room for a wedding filmmaker, invest in less expensive decor and reprioritize what actually is worth the cash.

Because the day is about the marriage, not the show.

6. COVID-19

I bet there will be people who would have been able to attend your wedding but unfortunately cannot because of COVID-19. You can send them your wedding film and it will feel like they were there!

7. After all, they're your memories right?

Invest in your memories. They are yours! :) If you have the chance to relive your wedding day, please do it for future-you. Don't think of your wedding filmmaker as paying for a service, but rather as investing in preserving your memories.

Your memories are priceless.

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